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At A1 Web Development, we create stunning "Websites to AMAZE" that are designed to grow your business. Since the internet has become such an accessible resource worldwide, your website is a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy. We take the time to understand your requirements so your website truly reflects your business or organisation. Our websites are designed to encourage users to perform the actions that you want; for example, filling in an enquiry form, or purchasing a product. We build responsive, mobile-friendly websites that display your content beautifully on any screen size, from smartphone to widescreen and everything in between!
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Our standard and static websites are constructed using primarly HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript (Coding).
For our online stores, we primarly use Wix, a Powerfull, yet fully customisable online website creator at a great price.


We understand that mobiles phones are here to stay and are used alot, thats why all of our websites are optimised for all devices, Tablets, Phones and Laptops alike.


We'll also set you up with a custom email to match! Creating an inviting, custom contact method for customer.


From designing your Website, to Posters, to logos, A1 Web Development is here to help

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"Websites to AMAZE"



As stated above, A1 Web Development may be a small business, but we are here to help with all your website needs, we'll do our best to help you at any time. Our goal is to create you a stunning website that you and your customers can be excited by!
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A1 Web Development is currently in Auckland and/or Whangarei. However, we can meet in person, online, via messaging, email or over the phone. We are very flexible and happy to help out where we can!
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Hi, we are right here (The chat at the bottom right) :)
You can reach out by emailing us, or by using the chat to the right of the screen.
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We keep costs to a minimum! you'll only be charged for four (4) things*
1. Development, A1 Web Development charges a fraction of others, from only $50 per hour! The cost for this service is depended on the website required.
2. Domain registration fees. this charge is to buy your domain (eg www.yourdomain.co.nz). Domains costs around $30 per year.
3. Hosting fees. This charge is what enables your website to be online and enables others to view your website. Typically this costs around $100 per year.
4. Email Account. Emails are optional but highly recommended. We can provide you with a FREE* ($0) email account to match your domain!

*standard websites only, Advanced features may invole additional costs. (Online stores are an advanced feature, Contact us to learn more.)
**1 email account for $0
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A1 Web Development can complete a wide range of tasks. We'll do our best to create the site you desire and deserve. From time to time, we may use a free third party to improve aspects of your site. If there is a cost to this service, we'll be sure to get your approval.
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We offer many return times, to fit your needs,
We are able to create your "Website to AMAZE" with turnarounds of 72* Hours (3 Days), 5 Days*, 7 Days*, or our standard turn around from 14 days*.
We will endeavour to create your website as soon as possible. So when you decide you would like an Amazing website, please let me know with plenty of notice.
*Prices start from $50 per hour and increase with reduced notice and timeframes.
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Need help? Want to talk websites? Reach out to the A1 Web Development team via one of the methods below.
We aim to reply to all emails in 24 working hours.

To contact us please use the Contact From or one of the emails below
Not sure which email to use? You can email hello@a1webdevelopmentnz.com


Want to talk to a human? Request a call back by clicking here (l.linklyhq.com/l/hxm7)
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For all General Enquiries please email us at hello@a1webdevelopmentnz.com
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For Support you can email support@a1webdevelopmentnz.zohodesk.com.au
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For Account Support & Enquiries you may email accounts@a1webdevelopmentnz.com
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For all Administration or Media Enquiries you can email admin@a1webdevelopmentnz.com
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